As the whole world knows, this week will go down in the history books. With corona virus rapidly spreading, the government has advised people to practice social distancing and self-quarantines. So this week, instead of sharing the usual 3-Point Friday info, we are sharing some activities to pass some time at home during this unprecedented time in history.

Growler Totes-

Though we did this already, here is a great project for the garage or basement workshop. And lucky for you, we made a step-by-step video on how to make it. When the taverns open again, we’ll be thirsty and a growler tote to carry all that beer will come in handy.  Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel when you checkout “How to Build a Beer Tote.”


Cribbage, Tic-Tac-Toe, and the Triangle Peg Game are all easy projects and a great way to spend time.  I have to admit that I become so frustrated at the triangle peg game that I cheated and looked it up online to see how to solve it. They might even be great beginner projects to complete with your kids

Dust Off Old Vinyl Records and Players

Dust off those old vinyl records and try to find songs about wood or trees.  Some of my recent favorites are:

 The Trees,” by Rush

Song From the Wood,” by Jethro Tull

Norwegian Wood,” by The Beatles 

Comment Below-

Let us know how you will be spending your time while homebound.

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