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Wood and Water Relationships: Moisture Content (Part 1)

Wood and Water Relationships: Moisture Content (Part 1)

What is moisture content, and how is it measured? The moisture content of wood is measured as the ratio of the weight of water in a piece of wood to the weight of the wood when it is completely dry (oven-dry). You will see this referred to as a percentage.  There...

Why Does Lumber Have Knots?

Why Does Lumber Have Knots?

Knots form during the growing process of a tree. A tree grows in two different directions. First, it grows in height. As the tree grows in height, limbs start to form off the sides. These limbs are the source of knots.  The second direction of growth is in...

Hardwoods vs. Softwoods: What’s the difference?

Hardwoods vs. Softwoods: What’s the difference?

https://youtu.be/ebuSlPljhTY The two classifications of wood are hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods and softwoods vary in appearance and cellular structure.  Hardwoods are deciduous trees with broad leaves that drop in the fall. Deciduous comes from the Latin...

Thank you for all the help. You were right, the curly maple is perfect for my projects.  It really was a pleasant experience to be able to select from such a quantity of beautiful lumber.

James H.

This was my first time buying from Fine Craftsman Lumber and I was not disappointed! The board came well packaged with no damage. The board was perfect, 100% usable, beautiful grain and super finish. I cannot wait to begin the project. I will definitely buy from them again!

Mark Ford

Excellent customer service. Great selection of high-quality lumber.

Tom Coy

My experience with Fine Craftsman Lumber was excellent! In my case, I was just looking for 4 hard maple pieces ( 1.5″x14″x14.5″) and delivered within a week and they were exactly what I had been looking for about a month! 


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